University of Montana Rural Institute
  • Vgo Robot with University of Montana students
    Students at the University of Montana interact with "Bullwinkle," MonTECH's new Vgo robot system.
  • julie-demonstrating-a-tablet
    MonTECH provides demonstrations for various types of assistive technology.
  • Man in wheelchair fishing from raft.
    Recreational equipment
  • Lingraphicacollage
    A demonstration of new products from supplier Lingraphica
  • democollage
    Clients can demo various gadgets to assist with vision

MonTECH – Assistive Technology Tools and Services

    Do you have trouble reading small text on webpages?

    140702065116-Grandma-Finds-The-InternetMost webpages today have standard text sizes because the web browsers themselves (Firefox,Chrome,Internet Explorer) have the ability to resize the text of any webpage. If you have a problem reading most webpages due to small text there are simple commands that you can use to magnify the text on screen. Each web browser has a different command, all of which can be found on their help websites:

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    Turn your iPad into an AT device.

    imgresiPads are far and away the most popular tablet on the market today. With millions sold worldwide it seems like everybody has one of these marvelous devices. While they are great for casually browsing the internet or watching videos, did you know that every iPad comes equipped with a series of features that allow it to be used by anybody? Features like voice activation, switch control, and contrast adjustment, are among the standard features that every iPad comes with.

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Programs and Support:

Montana Adaptive Equipment Program

MAEP provides positioning, seating, mobility, recreation and some ADL equipment to Montanans with qualifying developmental disabilities. This grant-funded program may be able to loan adaptive equipment (AE) to children, teens and adults who have a qualifying developmental disability (see eligibility form) and are unable to acquire the AE by other means or need to trial equipment prior to purchase. Our clinical coordinator is available to assist families, therapists, and family support specialists in selecting the best equipment to meet each person’s specific needs.

Montana Assistive Technology Program

MATP provides AT information and services in education, employment, community living, and telecommunications. The mission is to enhance the independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities through consumer responsiveness as defined in the AT act.

Other Programs and Projects 

MonTECH oversees various assistive technology (AT) programs and is continually seeking to expand the AT services and supports available to Montanans. Click here to view other projects and programs offered through MonTECH.