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Map of MonTECH's location on University of MontanaMonTECH has moved!

Our new location is:
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Please contact us with any questions – 406-243-5751 or 1-877-243-5511.

    We have been advocating standing programs which are generally well-incorporated into K-12 IEP’s, but hardly ever seen in planning for transitions, college and/or work for adults with ID. Please take a minute to read this article regarding standing programs for adults with neurological conditions at
    MAEP has standers available for loan for all ages and body sizes!


    Here are the highlights of the article:
    For decades already we’ve seen standing programs used as a therapeutic intervention for adults with neurological conditions. We’ve known that without such intervention, patients with spinal cord injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries or multiple sclerosis spend hours and hours each day in sedentary postures—with devastating results. Sitting for upwards of eight hours a day leads to an increase in mortality and musculoskeletal issues such as pain, spasticity, contractures, muscle weakness, constipation, osteoporosis and difficulty with activities and participation. Common sense and our own clinical experience has shown us how supported standing can alleviate these issues. However, to date there have been no published guidelines to suggest optimal dosing for achieving better health outcomes through standing. This prompted therapists Ginny Paleg and Roslyn Livingstone to put together a systematic review of the literature aimed first at evaluating the evidence relating to supported standing outcomes in adults with neurological conditions and second, presenting the best-practice recommendations for length and frequency of home-based standing programs.
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    Medical Alert Systems: Help!

    Which Medical Alert System is Right for You?If you are looking for a medical alert system (personal emergency response system), either for yourself or for an older adult such as a parent, this piece of research is for you.

    We started this work because we kept getting asked "which medical alert system should I buy?"; and "how do I figure out which the right medical alert system is for me?". We wanted to find answers to these questions and share them. This report is the result.

    Both a learning module, and a selection tool
    We wanted to provide answers, not just background material that gave you more work to do before you could reach an answer. So we started by developing a "selection tool" that helped people decide which exact subset of the personal emergency response products would work best in their specific circumstance.

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Programs and Support:

Montana Adaptive Equipment Program

MAEP provides positioning, seating, mobility, recreation and some ADL equipment to Montanans with qualifying developmental disabilities. This grant-funded program may be able to loan adaptive equipment (AE) to children, teens and adults who have a qualifying developmental disability (see eligibility form) and are unable to acquire the AE by other means or need to trial equipment prior to purchase. Our clinical coordinator is available to assist families, therapists, and family support specialists in selecting the best equipment to meet each person’s specific needs.

Montana Assistive Technology Program

MATP provides AT information and services in education, employment, community living, and telecommunications. The mission is to enhance the independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities through consumer responsiveness as defined in the AT act.

Other Programs and Projects 

MonTECH oversees various assistive technology (AT) programs and is continually seeking to expand the AT services and supports available to Montanans. Click here to view other projects and programs offered through MonTECH.