Assistive Technology (AT) Acquisition and Implementation

After determining the most appropriate Assistive Technology (AT) device for a given consumer and situation, the key to its use is the ability to acquire and use it to its full advantage. It is important to explore many funding sources and to use devices to their full potential.

MonTECH staff can assist consumers, family members, and service providers with the identification of and communications with potential funding sources to help cover AT-related costs. Once acquired, we can also provide assistance to ensure maximum utilization of devices. Contact us to learn more about:

  • Possible funding sources available for all categories of AT devices, environments of use, and user characteristics (or search for funding resources)
  • Assistance qualifying for funding, including: letters and forms of justification, application assistance, and keys to the billing process
  • Setup, programming, and mounting of AT devices for maximum performance in specific environments for specific purposes
  • Negotiations with device manufacturers and vendors for continued services, upgrades, and repairs of devices once acquired

(Fees Apply for these Services)