Talks and Tours

Tours and Presentations

Visit MonTECH’s lab in Missoula! We’re happy to schedule tours to learn about services and explore our impressive loan inventory of assistive technologies and adaptive equipment. Make an appointment by contacting our outreach coordinator at, (406) 243-4531. Shawna can also provide online or off-site presentations, outlining MonTECH’s services and how we can support your work and those you serve.


MonTECH provides trainings on requested topics for teams in both the public and private sectors. Some examples of our trainings include: Assistive Technology (AT) 101, AT and the IEP, AT for Employment, Accessible PowerPoints, AT for Dyslexia, Accessible Word Docs, Reading & Writing AT for the iPad, Reading and Writing AT for Chromebook, and Accessibility Considerations for Online Meetings.

Tailored to your team’s needs and interests, trainings are free for the first hour, $125/hour for subsequent hours. If your team is interested in a training related to assistive technology, electronic or online accessibility, or physical accessibility, please contact us at, (406) 243-5511.