Business Access & Employment Consulting Services

Providing good access, both architecturally and by delivery of non-discriminatory services, expands the number of consumers businesses and organizations are able to serve. In addition, the federal ADA and other state and federal civil rights laws mandate compliance with non-discriminatory policies and guidelines to ensure equal access by individuals with disabilities. Simply put… GOOD ACCESS IS GOOD BUSINESS!

MonTECH staff can provide consultative services to business owners, managers, HR representatives, professional service providers, individuals with disabilities and who are aging, family members, and other supports with regard to the following:

  • Guidelines for modifications to businesses and services to ensure compliance with state and federal standards
  • Guidance on reasonable accommodations for employees, including Assistive Technology (AT) and other measures
  • AT & ergonomics for employees and consumers with disabilities in order to provide access and prevent further injury
  • Accessibility features built into all Microsoft products available to businesses, employers, employees, and consumers for low-cost or no-cost solutions to providing computer access
  • Utilization of state and federal tax deductions and tax credits offered to employers and businesses for providing access for and hiring individuals with disabilities

(Fees Apply for these Services)