Equipment Cleaning Protocol for Adaptive Equipment

Equipment Cleaning Protocol for Adaptive Equipment

(i.e.: walkers, standers, seating systems)

Revised 9/6/2018

The purpose of these instructions is to provide consistent cleaning procedures to keep equipment safe for borrowers.

All items:

Use non-latex gloves.

Use soap and water to remove any larger material (such as food) from equipment.

For metal, wood, hard plastic surfaces such as buckles, and soft, waterproof surfaces such as Special Tomato cushions, seats, and TumbleForms, thoroughly wipe down all of these surfaces with MadaCide-FDW-PLUS wipes, following the directions on the container. The MadaCide wipes disinfect, killing a variety of viruses and pathogens. When in doubt, wipe it down one more time. Please remember that many of the people using our equipment have compromised immune systems.

For fabric, such as in a stroller, this will need to be washed in a machine, the hotter the water temperature, the better, but check for any washing instructions on the fabric first. Fabric items also include any fabric covered straps, such as those found on Special Tomato soft touch floor sitters. (Note: You can use wipes on webbing type straps without fabric.)

If unsure about how to clean an item, you can ask me, or check online for instructions for specific items.

Claire Adam