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***THIS ITEM IS PICKUP ONLY DUE TO IT'S SIZE*** *LOCATION: BILLINGS* The 70# Rifton TRAM is a transfer and mobility device that can be operated safely by a single caregiver. Basic features include: (1) a support system that secures the patient with a simple buckle; (2) may be raised or lowered using a single button built into the right steering handle; (3) a built-in scale which allows the caregiver to weigh a client easily during a routine transfer; (4) forearm supports which allow adjustments in every direction and angle to accommodate numerous positioning requirements; (5) a walking saddle to allow for sit-to-stand transfers; (6) maximum user height of 76" [the TRAM can be raised high enough to support a walking client, and then retract down to 43.5" for compact storage]; (7) user girth must range between 22" and 60"; (8) overall frame length is 45.5"; (9) overall frame width is 27.5"; (10) overall frame height ranges between 43.5" to 58"; (11) the TRAM can pass through a 28" doorway with ease, or transfer in and out of wider wheelchairs may be accomplished by rotating the leg expander; (12) has four casters, with the front two having the potential of locking - and directional locks make it possible to roll the TRAM without drifting laterally; (13) the manufacturer reports a 350# weight capacity; and, (14) the battery drive has the potential of delivering over 70 lifts on a single charge, and uses a wall-mounted charger.

You must have a physical or occupational therapist's approval before borrowing this item. Please have the therapist fill out the Therapist Approval Form and then upload the signed form when you request this item.

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