Bantam Stander - EasyStand - Without Tray (Extra-Small)

Bantam Stander - EasyStand - Without Tray (Extra-Small)[View Larger Item Image]

***THIS ITEM IS PICKUP ONLY DUE TO IT'S SIZE*** This device with a gas spring lift combines sit-to-stand transitions, with the added ability to function as a supine stander. This stander has black upholstery, and a red powder-coated frame. Basic information includes: (1) designed for a child with a height between 28" - 40"; (2) has a maximum weight capacity of 50#; (3) seat depth range (from seat pivot to back surface) varies between 7" - 12"; (4) contoured back with built-in lateral supports and a chest strap; (5) contoured seat with built-in hip supports, with a hip positioning belt (6) contoured head support [height range from seat is 15"-20"]; (7) two non-swiveling front wheels and two rear locking casters; (8) transfer height (seat height from floor) is 19"; (9) seat to footplate range (from front of seat) is 10" - 16.5"; (10) adjustable footplates (with foot straps) [footplates allow for forward and backward adjustment, as well as some dorsi and plantar flexion]; (11) kneepads (14) back height from seat varies between 11" - 13"; (15) item weighs approximately 54#; (16) item is 23"W x 33.5"L; a tray is NOT provided with this item.

You must have a physical or occupational therapist's approval before borrowing this item. Please have the therapist fill out the Therapist Approval Form and then upload the signed form when you request this item.

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180 days.
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2015 Bantam X-Small
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Altimate Medical
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Medical Eshop
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This item was received as a donation

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