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Industry Leading Noise Cancellation Headphones with Alexa & Google Assistant. Dual-Microphone System. 20-Hour Battery Life. Built-In VPA. 20 Hour...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 5081A

Status: Waitlist
Thumbnail of Wireless RF Headphone System.
Wireless RF Headphone System

The RS 140 wireless RF headphone system features a switchable dynamic compression system for excellent speech intelligibility and balance control for...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7579A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Stenomask - Dictation Microphone.
Stenomask - Dictation Microphone

Stenomask is a hand-held microphone built into a padded, sound-proof enclosure that fits over the speaker's mouth. The purpose of a Stenomask is to...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 9898A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Touch Screen Monitor - 24".
Touch Screen Monitor - 24"

This alternate or additional monitor can connect with your computer or laptop to provide a larger display with an anti-glare touch screen. An...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7546A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Wacom Drawing Tablet.
Wacom Drawing Tablet

The Wacom graphics drawing tablet has high levels of pressure sensitivity that gives the user precision and control when drawing, painting, and...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7450A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Apple Pencil.
Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil expands the power of iPad Pro and opens up new creative possibilities. It's sensitive to pressure and tilt so you can easily vary line...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 9773A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Microsoft Surface Pen.
Microsoft Surface Pen

Surface Pen. Write and draw naturally. Create without limits Precisely sketch and shade with 4,096 pressure points that respond to the lightest...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 84321A

Status: Demonstration Only
Thumbnail of SuperNova Evaulation.
SuperNova Evaulation

SuperNova is the World's first screen magnifier and screen reader, delivering unparalleled access to Windows:
Program: MATP
Barcode: 8845A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Samsung curved monitor.
Samsung curved monitor

Samsung curved monitor with 2 HDMI ports. The Samsung CF397 monitor measures less than 0.5inch thick with a 32in curved screen. Thank you to Esther...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7546c

Status: Demonstration Only
Thumbnail of USB Conference Microphone.
USB Conference Microphone

This is a USB Omni-directional conference microphone with a 10 foot cord and USB plug. The on-board USB sound card delivers high quality digital...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7041A

Status: Available

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