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Thumbnail of Buddy Bike - Billings.
Buddy Bike - Billings

The Buddy Bike is the alternative inline tandem bicycle (bicycle for two) that places the stoker (smaller rider) in the front seat while the rear...
Program: MATP
Barcode: WAM074

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Side By Side Worksman Trike: Missoula.
Side By Side Worksman Trike: Missoula

The Team Dual Trike is perfect all riders, from physically challenged/companion situations, to the stylish retirees and resort rental fleets. THREE...
Program: MATP
Barcode: WAM1128

Status: Waitlist
Thumbnail of Worksman's Side by Side Team Dual Trike: Missoula.
Worksman's Side by Side Team Dual Trike: Missoula

Side By Side Team Dual Trike SBST-3CB-HB (3 Speed) with dual coaster brake (foot) and front Drum Brake. 3 gears allow each rider to choose the speed...
Program: MATP
Barcode: WAM300

Status: Waitlist
Thumbnail of Side by Side Joyrider trike: Missoula.
Side by Side Joyrider trike: Missoula

Adjustable seats for riders of all heights. Left seat is set up for the driver (adult). 3 speeds with hand breaks and 2 baskets.
Program: MATP
Barcode: WAM1129

Status: Waitlist
Thumbnail of TerraTrike Rover Tandem: Missoula.
TerraTrike Rover Tandem: Missoula

The TerraTrike Rover Tandem is a life changer for many couples who want to get out and ride together, as well as parents or relatives of people with...
Program: MATP
Barcode: WAM088

Status: Waitlist