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Thumbnail of Smart Health Watch.
Smart Health Watch

Smart Life Watch that has a color display, heart rate and blood pressure monitor. W3 Model Watch is compatible with android system 4.4 and above, iOS...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 9165a

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Fitbit Flex2.
Fitbit Flex2

Track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. LED display lights up to show progress toward your daily goal (x2)
Program: MATP
Barcode: 9162A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of FitBit Versa 3.
FitBit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3 can track activity, calories burned, distance, heart rate, sleep, steps, your pace & distance with built-in GPS. A biometric and...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 9163A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Electric Carving Knife.
Electric Carving Knife

This electric carving knife can be used to carve meats, cut bread and more. The stainless steel serrated blades cut through tough foods, with an...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7340A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Hand Pedal Marcy Exercise Bike.
Hand Pedal Marcy Exercise Bike

Marcy NS 912 exercise bike is a compact, portable and lightweight exercise bike that tone both upper and lower body. strengthening and toning upper...
Program: MATP
Barcode: LTL0093

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Pedal Exerciser.
Pedal Exerciser

This exercise pedal bike is a compact, portable and lightweight exercise bike that tones both upper and lower body. It keeps track of time, reps,...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 0093C

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Power Assisted Pedaler.
Power Assisted Pedaler

This exercise pedaler provides a power-assisted Leg OR Arm workout for individuals with limited mobility to help improve muscular strength and...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 0093B

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Seated Elliptical Machine.
Seated Elliptical Machine

This quiet under-desk elliptical allows you to pedal your legs while seated. Especially helpful for older adults and people who spend a lot of time...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 8350A

Status: Waitlist
Thumbnail of Pedal Adapter.
Pedal Adapter

Pedal adapter set allows feet to be fastened front and rear to most stationary or standard bike pedals. Fits up to size 13 adult shoe. Includes...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 1414A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Visually Impaired Yoga Mat.
Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

The Visually Impaired Yoga Mat is designed to enable those who are blind, partially blind, or who may face physical challenges, to practice yoga...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 1193A

Status: Available

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