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Thumbnail of MultiLink Mobile Arm Support Eval Kit.
MultiLink Mobile Arm Support Eval Kit

The Jaeco MultiLink Evaluation Kit is a full set of all the required tools and parts for setting up the custom arm support. The support mounts to a...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7861A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Arm Support for Self Feeding- Friction Feeder.
Arm Support for Self Feeding- Friction Feeder

Self feeding assistance, three piece arm support splint, mounts to table, stainless steel, as the user's arm moves so the support moves. This is size...
Program: MATP
Barcode: LTL5716A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Jar Grips.
Jar Grips

This set of 3 durable jar grips offers a simple way to open stubborn jars and containers. No matter the size or style, one of these rubber grips can...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 6867A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Fork Hole in One Adapted.
Fork Hole in One Adapted

The Hole in One adapted fork is a white plastic folding fork with a hole in the handle.
Program: MATP
Barcode: 6808B

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Universal Built-Up Handle.
Universal Built-Up Handle

This ergonomic, soft, built-up handle is ideal for people with limited grasping ability. It helps reduce pain and discomfort when holding small...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 5043A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Page Turner.
Page Turner

For those with limited hand function or hand arthritis, gripping and turning thin pages can be difficult. The Sammons Preston page turner features a...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 1596B

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Electric Razor Cuff.
Electric Razor Cuff

Strap system secures electric razor to palm of hand for persons with weak grasp patterns, can be adjusted for left or right.
Program: MATP
Barcode: 0007437B

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Electric Razor Holder.
Electric Razor Holder

The electric razor holder is a razor holder with a plastic grip handle and a Velcro strap
Program: MATP
Barcode: 0007029A

Status: Available
Thumbnail of Adaptive universal cuff.
Adaptive universal cuff

Adaptive universal cuff. Used in all of the spectacular ways a universal cuff can.
Program: MATP
Barcode: 7153A

Status: Waitlist
Thumbnail of Eazyhold Grip Assist - Infant/Child Set.
Eazyhold Grip Assist - Infant/Child Set

The EazyHold universal cuff assistive devices are affordable general use straps that help people accomplish daily living activities independently...
Program: MATP
Barcode: 3333D

Status: Available

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