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    Back on the Root: Accessible Rafting

    Floating the river

    By Scott Thomas

    A couple hundred yards down river a beautiful bald eagle scooped a small fish out of the bend, then gently soared up river over our heads. Once the eagle had vanished into the distance I returned my gaze to the mesmerizing water below. Crystal clear, shimmering river rocks, schools of fish darting through the shallows. A perspective only attainable when one is sitting on the water itself. This was my recent experience, me and my 350lb power wheelchair floating the Bitterroot River on an accessible raft. Hard to believe it’s possible, but it is.

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    Tell us about your experience with MonTECH

    MonTECH specializes in Assistive Technology. We strive to ensure that all people in Montana have equitable access to assistive technology devices and services in order to enhance their independence, productivity, and quality of life. In pursuit of this goal, program staff work with consumers, service providers, educators, therapists, state agencies, private industry, researchers, legislators, and other interested individuals.

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Programs and Support:

Montana Adaptive Equipment Program

MAEP provides positioning, seating, mobility, recreation and some ADL equipment to Montanans with qualifying developmental disabilities. This grant-funded program may be able to loan adaptive equipment (AE) to children, teens and adults who have a qualifying developmental disability (see eligibility form) and are unable to acquire the AE by other means or need to trial equipment prior to purchase. Our clinical coordinator is available to assist families, therapists, and family support specialists in selecting the best equipment to meet each person’s specific needs.

Montana Assistive Technology Program

MATP provides AT information and services in education, employment, community living, and telecommunications. The mission is to enhance the independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities through consumer responsiveness as defined in the AT act.

Other Programs and Projects 

MonTECH oversees various assistive technology (AT) programs and is continually seeking to expand the AT services and supports available to Montanans. Click here to view other projects and programs offered through MonTECH.