Montana Woman Purchases Massage Chair Thanks to Low-interest MATL Loan

Older woman smiles from a large massage chair. Her lower legs are receiving pressure from the chair.

Teri Owens lives with scoliosis and cervical spinal stenosis, and the torture of neuropathy and pinched nerves affects every aspect of her life. “The neuropathy is a feeling that is really unbearable,” she shared. “It’s difficult to live with.”

A massage chair might address some of her pain, but the price tag of $5,499 was well beyond reach. Being a former legal analyst comfortable with research, she got online and found the Montana Assistive Technology Loan (MATL) Program. MATL is a partnership between MonTECH and Rural Dynamics, Inc. The application process was easy and she was able to purchase her chair.

Has the chair made a difference? You bet! “I’m in a lot of pain almost all the time, and the chair relieves some of that,” she explained. “I can spend some time in the chair, using the mode that squeezes arms, feet, and ankles, and the neuropathy goes away. I can be ok for a couple of days. It was really a Godsend for me to be able to get it.”

(MATL offers 0% interest on loans up to $1500, and 3.5% interest on loans up to $50,000. Loans can be used to purchase disability-related equipment or renovations. Learn more about MATL by contacting Julie Williams.)