Equipment Loans & Reuse

MonTECH provides a short term equipment loan program allowing individuals to try a device before they purchase. People can also borrow devices while their equipment is being repaired or while funding is being secured for the purchase of devices. The loan period varies but runs for at least 30 days. For information on the items available for loan, contact MonTECH staff or search our database below.

To begin a device loan, log in or request an account.

Loan Programs

Our equipment loan program is funded by several different funding sources. Some programs have program-specific actions and guidelines for the program. Here is a list of the different programs that fund our equipment loan program.

  • Montana Assistive Technology Program (MATP)
    A program providing Assistive Technology and Adaptive Equipment for a 30-day trial free of charge to all Montanans with disabilities, those who are aging, or their supports.
  • Montana Assistive Technology Program–Long Term Loan (MATP-LTL)
    A program providing Assistive Technology and Adaptive Equipment for long term loan free of charge to all Montanans with disabilities, those who are aging, or their supports. UPDATE November 2017: MATP-LTL now has equipment from MAEP.
  • Montana Adaptive Equipment Program (MAEP)
    Update October 2017: MAEP has lost program funding due to the State of Montana’s DPHHS budget cuts. You will have to pay return shipping to MonTECH for any MAEP loans after this point.

    Update November 2017: All remaining MAEP equipment can now be located in Montana Assistive Technology Program- Long Term Loan (MATP-LTL)

    MAEP has provided positioning, seating, mobility, recreation and some ADL equipment to Montanans living with qualifying developmental disabilities. With the loss of this program’s funding, some of this inventory will be moving to MATP Long Term Loan. In the future, look for seating, mobility, and positioning equipment in our MATP LTL program. We will no longer request Developmental Disability eligibility/form, but please have the name of the Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist you are working with available when requesting this equipment.

  • Montana Deaf-Blind Project (MTDB)
    A project providing information, resources, training, and technical assistance to infants, toddlers, and school-aged Montanans who have sensory limitation in both hearing and vision. Two-month equipment loans are available to those listed on the deaf-blind census.
  • Wheels Across Montana Program (WAM)
    An adaptive tricycle loan program funded by a Quality of Life High Impact Innovative Assistive Technology grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Request New Equipment

Have you seen assistive technology that you would like to see in our inventory?
Please fill out the request equipment form and our staff will consider your equipment request at our next staff meeting.


Sell, give away, exchange, or list a need for Assistive Technology or Adaptive Equipment free of charge. Post equipment that you need or want to sell in the Montana Assistive Technology Program–Exchange (MATP-E) program.
Listers of equipment and those interested contact one another directly–MonTECH does not participate in negotiations. However, the MonTECH office can be available for the exchange of items. Contact MonTECH staff at 406-243-5751 if you need a place to meet to exchange equipment.