May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

BHSM-Facebook-CoverMonTECH and the Rural Institute support May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. During the month of May and throughout the year, our clinic staff strives to provide assistive technology to Montanans with communication difficulties. Hearing impairment and speech language disorders can affect a person’s education, professional life, or personal relationships. If you or a loved one have difficulties in communication, please contact your local speech language pathologist for assistance. An audiologist can correctly identify hearing loss/hearing impairment and make appropriate recommendations for helping you or a loved one with amplification of sound. MonTECH can provide individuals with an opportunity to try out assistive devices designed specifically to help with these impairments; devices such as personal amplifiers, visual alarm clocks, specialized phones, speech-to-text programs, AAC devices, and specialized computer software.   Please contact us at (406) 243-5751 for more information about assistive technology for better hearing and speech.