MonTECH’s Move Is Complete!

Simple campus map to our new location

MonTECH is happy to announce our relocation across campus.  Quite apart from the practical benefits of our new space, we enjoy the daily drama of preschoolers on the playground outside our door. More spacious, consolidated space combined with the high-energy of little kids at recess mean this move has been a positive one!

MonTECH is now in the lower level of McGill Hall, which is located McGill Hallbetween the UM tennis courts and the Griz Pool.  Our new location will help us better serve MonTECH consumers in multiple ways.  First and foremost, we will be easier to find; anyone who knows where the University Center or Washington-Grizzly Stadium is will have no trouble getting here.

Directions are simple:  from Campus Drive, which circles around behind campus, turn into the small street between the heat plant and tall Aber Hall.  Moving forward into Parking Lot Y, you will see tennis courts to your left, the Griz pool on your right, and the playground for ASUM Childcare straight ahead. MonTECH is located down the stairs (or ramp) by the playground, first door on your left. You cannot access MonTECH through the main front door of McGill Hall; the door by the playground is our only access point.

Sign designating MonTECH's parking spot, says "Reserved UM Rural Institute Visitor" Parking, traditionally a true hassle on campus, will be comparatively painless.  We have a designated visitor’s space near the steps down to our door.  We also have several Quick Stop 20-minute parking spaces alongside the Griz Pool.  Pay-by-the-hour parking is available nearby at the University Center.

Our new office space allows for more of our inventory to be stored close at hand. Combined with near proximity to the campus shipping service, getting loan requests shipped quickly and efficiently (always a priority) will be even easier to manage.  We also have more demo space, which permits us to comfortably accommodate larger groups for trainings, evaluations, and demonstrations of equipment.

Currently still immersed in unpacking, we look forward to showing off our new office with an open house this fall.  Come visit us, because MonTECH is officially open for business!  For appointments, please call (406) 243-5751 (Missoula) or (406) 657-2089 (Billings).