New Year, New Policy!

Graphic shows boxing glove with MonTECH logo smashing through the words 'financial barrier.' Text reads: Free shipping both ways to better serve Montana!

Montanans can now explore equipment loaned by MonTECH with literally zero out-of-pocket expense. As of January 1st, MonTECH covers return shipping and shipping insurance! Our program has traditionally shipped to anyone in Montana for free, but return shipping has been the responsibility of the borrower.

This burden has proven too heavy for many Montanans.  Here’s why.  Let’s say an adult with a progressive diagnosis is losing the power of speech and needs to try an expensive communication system.  MonTECH would ship a system to him for free for 30 days and provide 1:1 help to learn that system. Then, when it’s time to ship the pricey loan item back to MonTECH, shipping + insurance could be as high as $200.  Warned of this cost, and being inundated with medical and therapy bills, is he likely to try the communication system that will give him a voice?  Hard no.

By removing the burden of return-shipping costs, MonTECH provides equitable access to assistive technology. Although some inventory items are too large to ship and will be designated ‘pick-up only’ at our Missoula location, the majority of our 2,500+ loan inventory can now be shipped to any Montanan regardless of financial circumstance.  2021 is off to an excellent start here at MonTECH.