Medical Alert Systems: Help!

Which Medical Alert System is Right for You?If you are looking for a medical alert system (personal emergency response system), either for yourself or for an older adult such as a parent, this piece of research is for you.

We started this work because we kept getting asked “which medical alert system should I buy?”; and “how do I figure out which the right medical alert system is for me?”. We wanted to find answers to these questions and share them. This report is the result.

Both a learning module, and a selection tool
We wanted to provide answers, not just background material that gave you more work to do before you could reach an answer. So we started by developing a “selection tool” that helped people decide which exact subset of the personal emergency response products would work best in their specific circumstance.

But then it became clear that many people needed some extra background understanding to help them use the selection tool.

So, we decided to create two things: a learning module, and a selection tool. That way you choose whether to learn first, then decide. Or just jump straight to the decision section.

So our guide has two components: the learning module, and a selection tool. Both of them are still under development. But we hope they are already useful, and we welcome you trying them out and giving us feedback as we improve them.

Get started: Guide: Personal Emergency Response for Older Adults

This Guide is different. We hope it is better.
While there is a lot of material on the internet about medical alert systems, we found most of it was lightly camouflaged marketing material. And of the websites that attempted to be objective, none gave us what we sought, which was analysis that was personalized; independent and objective; and deep.

We wanted a tool that helped us reach the right decision quickly and move on (What should I buy and why?). When it became clear that such a tool does not exist, we set out to create one, and that is the focus of this Guide.​

Learn more about the background to this research project; and our approach