VGo for schools with homebound and hospital bound students

VGo (a “robot” of sorts that can be remotely operated and allow for real time communication with video across great distances) is being used successfully today by schools for their students who can’t physically go to school due to an illness, accident or medical condition. VGo gets the student back to the traditional schooling environment by providing a physical device that replicates the student while away from hospital.  It is operated in real-time by the student (not the teacher or an aid) so they feel empowered with their independence.  VGo enables students to:

  • Receive the same instruction as their peers
  • Move around/between classrooms independently
  • Socialize with friends in the hallways and at lunch
  • Participate in a full school day with their classmates

Hundreds of schools are implementing VGo in their homebound programs to serve students who are capable of learning, but can’t be in school physically.  The reasons for not being in school are many, but the benefits are the same.  Parents, teachers and students want those benefits whether they are needed for a month or for years.

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